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We offer a comprehensive range of quality painting and decorating materials and hardware from all of the big names. We stock Crown, Berger, Blackfairs, Rodo and many more, all at competitive prices. Pick up paints, varnishes, sealants, brushes, rollers and more. PC Building Supplies help you start the job with confidence knowing you have the right equipment.



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Interior & Decorating
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Brush Cleaner 500ML
£3.28 + VAT
A thin solvent based liquid which removes wet paint quickly from brushes, rollers and pads. Works on emulsion spirit based paints, varnish and is water washable. Contains conditioner to prolong brush/roller life.
Crown Non Drip Gloss 750ml
£14.75 + VAT
Crown Trade Acrylic Satin White
From: £18.02 + VAT
Crown Trade Eggshell White
From: £13.78 + VAT
Crown Trade Full Gloss White
From: £15.42 + VAT
Crown Trade Quick Dry Gloss White
From: £15.70 + VAT
Crown Trade Satin White
From: £15.06 + VAT
Crown Trade Stain Block Primer
From: £19.06 + VAT
Crown Trade Undercoat White
From: £12.96 + VAT
Disposable Coverall
£2.78 + VAT
being made with a breathable polypropylene these coveralls are soft and comfortable on your skin comes with elasticated hood, cuffs, ankles and a zip fastening for a secure fit making them great for dealing with none hazardous dirt's, dusts and liquids.
Macphersons Emulsion Brilliant White/ Magnolia Paint 10ltr
£19.99 + VAT
An economical water-borne matt finish for interior use. High Moisture permeability permits application to new plaster, render etc before drying process is complete. Suitable for the decoration of most interior surfaces.
Mammoth Aluminium Foil Tape 75MM X 45MTR
£9.36 + VAT
Heat and Light reflective Aluminium Foil Tape, heat resistant to 180°C, Flame Retardant to Class O. Excellent moisture resistance, ideal for use as a vapour barrier between foil faced insulation panels in roof and wall applications, duct sealing on all types of air conditioning and ventilation and protecting wires and pipes from heat.
Mammoth Carpet Fix Tape
£6.90 + VAT
Premium quality double sided Carpet Fix Cloth Tape is ideal for fixing all carpets to all surfaces. Easily torn by hand during application.
Paint Brush
From: £0.69 + VAT
Made with black bristles, softwood maroon handle and a Stainless steel ferrule these all purpose high quality brushes are great at giving you an excellent finish at a low cost.
ProDec Twill Dust Sheet 12' x 9' Poly Backed CRPR129
£9.99 + VAT
this waterproof, hard wearing dust sheet comes with an anti-slip back and great at absorbing spills making it great for most jobs in and out of the house.
Roller And Tray Set
£3.49 + VAT
Great for using on smooth and semi-smooth surfaces.
Ronseal Multi-Purpose Filler 1KG
£4.80 + VAT
this Ronseal filler is manufactured utilising fine filler and resins to provide a smoother consistency for easy application. box includes filler,applicator and measuring scoop.
Solvite Retail Pack Wall Paper Paste
£3.99 + VAT
mixes in twenty senconds and hangs up to 7.5rolls this Solvite all purpose wallpaper adhesive is smooth, fast mix adhesive guaranteed to hang most wallpapers.
£6.14 + VAT
Stainblock is a spray applied heavily pigmented white paint which permanently prevents existing stains from water, mould, rust, nicotine, grease, soot, crayon showing through subsequent coatings. Quick drying, overcoat in 15 mins.
From: £3.85 + VAT
**YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 TO BUY THIS PRODUCT** A solvent designed for cleaning paint off brushes and rollers to prolong their life and as a general household cleaner/degreasant.
White Spirit 2LTR
From: £3.75 + VAT
**YOU MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 18 TO BUY THIS PRODUCT** White Spirit is a solvent designed for thinning, varnishes, cleaning brushes and standard household degreasing and cleaning.